Joseph Lam-Weil

Theoretical Machine Learning, Statistical testing, Bandit.

I started my PhD in November 2017 under the supervision of Alexandra Carpentier.


Visiting student

  • Paul Sabatier university of Toulouse (November 2018-December 2018): worked on identity testing under local differential privacy constraint, with Jean-Michel Loubes and Beatrice Laurent-Bonneau.

Research intern

  • Thales (May 2017-October 2017): worked on anomaly detection using deep learning methods, under the supervision of Marc Schoenauer.

  • xbird (June 2016-September 2016): applied machine learning methods to glycemia prediction for diabetics.

Teaching Assistant

  • Advanced Probability Theory: 1 semester.

  • Introduction to Probability and Statistics: 2 semesters.

  • Probability Theory: 1 semester.


  • MLSS 2019 in London.

Joseph Lam-Weil
Joseph Lam-Weil
Joseph Lam-Weil
Joseph Lam-Weil
Joseph Lam-Weil